The Little Woody 2010 Recap

by Spence on September 4, 2010

So as a follow up to The Little Woody, I thought I’d give some of the highlights of the beers I was able to try.  I may go back today, as I was not able to get to everything I was interested in (BBC’s Sour Outback X … I thoroughly enjoyed Tonya’s sour offering at last year’s event, but events conspired against me this year).

  • The Woodcutter [Three Creeks]: Somewhat assertive hop presence, but drinkable if you’re “afraid” of the hops.  A bit of a twang to it (from the Pinot barrel-aged barleywine they used?), with some solid barrel wood character.
  • Super Nebula [Block 15]: Sweet Lord!!!!  For me, this was the star of the beers I tried.
  • Wonka’s Wit [Block 15]: Another hit!  This is a refreshingly sour wheat beer.  Orange peel and coriander … tart and crisp … so good!
  • Berliner Weisse [Deschutes]: One word … delicious.  You don’t get too many opportunities to drink this style, so if you like the sour beers, make sure to hit this one up.  I think it’s a great representation of the style.  I spoke with Jason Randles from the brewery, and he let me know they’re serving it at the pub, traditionally (with a choice of flavored syrups to stand up against the sourness).  I prefer it without, and thought it was awesome.

New this year was a Bourbon tasting for an additional charge of 30.o0 for 6 tastes.  They are shorter pours, but added up, you get a decent amount for the enjoyment of drinking your Bourbon’s inside the historic schoolhouse, in a comfortable room.  All in all, there are some pretty tasty Bourbons to try … I really enjoyed the Jefferson’s, the Evan Williams Single Barrel.  Friends I was with would also chime in with the repeat performer Basil Hayden’s

Here’s an additional fun little bit of something … my wife and I were interviewed, and it was put up on the Little Woody Facebook page.



Little Woody 2010

by Spence on August 31, 2010

The Little Woody 2010The Little Woody is back, and what a difference a year makes!  Here in Bend, OR we have more than our fair share of good beer.  We have multiple GABF and World Beer Cup winners.  We have breweries both large and small cranking out world-renowned beer.  And now, in its second year, we have The Little Woody … a festival celebrating that mysterious art of layering flavors (wines, bourbons, coffees, spices, chocolates, vanillas, bacteria funk, oxidation) on top of flavors (wood) on top of beer!  What more could you ask for in a specialized beer festival … all in our own little back yard.

Barrel aging takes resources, passion, and patience.  Judging from some of the media I’ve been seeing, the brewers are doing a good job of bringing all that to our glasses.  The number of breweries has increased in the past year, and the beers look more interesting as well.  New this year is the addition of a bourbon tasting.  Barrel Aged Beers and bourbon … c’mon.  It’s like it’s my own personal fest!

Here are some links to learn more and get you excited for this weekend.  See you there!

Official Details, straight from the source … cost, parking, etc.
Little Woody on Facebook (check out the brewmaster videos!)
Little Woody on Twitter

Also, BOR over at Bend Oregon Restaurants ended up doing a write up on the beers they’ll be pouring, so go check that out too.

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English Bitter Update 1

July 18, 2010

Just a quick update on the Bitter.  Due to the moderate attenuation of the London ESB yeast, we bottomed out out at around 1.025.  I transferred to glass, and put into the chill chest at 46 F for a bit of lagering. Because I used loose pellets to dry hop, there are hop particulates suspended […]

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English Bitter on the way!

July 8, 2010

I finally have another beer in process.  Last weekend, I brewed up  an English Bitter.  This one is the first crack at narrowing in on the Deschutes Pub Bitter served here in Bend.  It’s so damned tasty, and will be great now that the temperatures are cracking the 90’s here in Central Oregon.  I’ll get […]

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X Brew Tasting Notes – X IPA 1

January 11, 2010

Beer: X IPA 1 – 36/50 Tasting Date: 1/4/2010 Appearance [max 5] : 3 Solid head that keeps its form, and slowly settles into a 1/4″ blanket  on the surface that slowly gets consumed through the beer. Deep copper color.  Definitely darker than what I remember West    Coast IPA would have.  Going to need to […]

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X Brew – Brew Notes: XIPA1

January 8, 2010

This was the first brew session with the new equipment, so I thought I would document some of the issues that came up.  Here are my brew notes. 11/23: First run with the 1 gallon immersion “mash tun”. Added 1/4 tsp gypsum to 2 gallons of Bend, OR tap water Mashed in, and think I […]

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Worth Reading – 12/30/09

December 30, 2009

Arctic Alchemy “Arctic Alchemy, discoveries of the Red Hand ……”, a discussion on the Homebrewers Association forum kicked off by Chris Bowen talking about a documentary project he’s embarked on. In July 2010, I am departing from Bethlehem with two friends on a 3 week journey about 2000 miles north to the Canadian Arctic. The […]

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Boulevard Brewing – Saison Brett

December 28, 2009

Over the holidays I had the distinct pleasure of getting my hands on Boulevard Brewing’s Saison-Brett from their Smokestack Series.  This beer was rated pretty high on BA and RB, so I didn’t mind dropping the cash on it.  It was the holidays, and I had been working my way through many imperials, stouts, and […]

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Hitting your target infusion mash temperature

December 14, 2009

When I first began learning about mashing from a friend, we used his setup which employed a plastic bucket and a thick, insulated sleeve slipped over the bucket. We rarely had problems hitting our target mash temperature. Like many others making the transition to all-grain brewing, when I purchased my own equipment, I chose a […]

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First X Brew Lessons Learned

December 8, 2009

X Brew Lessons Learned Sometimes it can be a challenge to “Relax, Don’t Worry, etc…”.  It has been a while since I have broken in a new mash tun, and man did I forget how frustrating that can be.  Yesterday was one of those brew days where you are constantly maneuvering trying to stay on […]

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